images 1Our team at Tea Hill's are dedicated to make your stay as relaxing, enjoyable and easy as possible. They work with complete integrity so please trust them and do not hesitate to ask them for anything that you think will add more value to your stay. That includes cooking lessons, a cake for tea or coconut drinks from our trees etc.

Eat & Drink

Header -_Eat_DrinkOur breakfast of tropical fruits, choice of eggs, tea or coffee and toasts are included in the room rate along with chilled mineral water. For all further meals and drinks including alcohol required we recommend a kitty system that has been successfully used since our opening and will save you both time and money so you can focus on your relaxation.

Once you have settled in your hosts can sit with you and help you compile a shopping list to cover your needs for your stay. They will give you a clear idea of what is and isn¹t available locally. They are happy to show you where the markets are and take you shopping or you can let them take care of that for you. All your produce is bought locally and at local price.

We operate a transparency policy so you can see the accounts and receipts of your purchases at any time. We suggest on between 500-1000 rupees per head per day to cover your needs. Any money left in the kitty will be returned to you at the end of your stay.

images 26a00e5506b058d8834013486af48f7970c-600wiOur chef can prepare a whole range of delicious & healthy cuisine from traditional local curries to a number of western dishes. We offer a wide range of fresh daily salads and juices to accompany all your meals.

When you¹re not out for lunch or dinner our chef is happy to cook all your meals for you and is also able to help you prepare any dishes you or your guests may wish to cook yourselves. The kitchen, its utensils and the staff are at your disposal so please make yourself at home. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or any special diet requirements in your group.

Internet & Phone
By spending $6 on a Sri Lankan sim card, which you can usually drop into any phone, you are likely to save a whole stack of cash on phone bills. Calls from a sri lankan mobile to a European mobile costs approximately $0.40 USD a minute. The best place to get this is at the airport when you arrive, there¹s usually a Dialogue office open on the other side of the money change.

We have a slow but steady 3G Internet connection if you wish to check your e-mails, again ask our team to set you up.

luxury-life-break-musiciansWe have an ipod docking station in the living room and also an impressive speaker system situated in the living room that fills the garden and pool area with a wide range of tunes housed in itunes on the laptop.

You, your guests and all your belongings are completely secure at Tea Hill's. There is always somebody at the property during the day and at night we have a security guard at the gate. There is also a safe located in the villa.